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The goal of Complete Package was to explore the best ways to make a very flexible theme for ThemeForest buyers. In addition to including 13 PSDs, an extensive admin panel was also crucial. Complete Package Theme Panel contains 10 sections, with over 75 options total. This post will outline the options available in each section:

CPackage (General Settings)


  • Copyright Name – Allows you to set the name included in the footer copyright.
  • Hide Author Credit – Hides the link to the theme author’s page.
  • Theme Color – This theme includes 3 color variations. Use one of these or customize with included PSDs.

Navigation (disabled in v1.2 in favor of WP built-in menu system)

  • Use Categories – Use categories for navigation instead of pages.
  • Add Home Link – Adds a Home link to the navigation if not using a static “Home” page or if using category navigation.
  • RSS Link – Adds an RSS feed link with whatever anchor text you choose.


These settings apply to users using a static homepage instead of blog listings on the homepage.

Main Text/Quote

  • Byword Text – The short info or quote on the homepage below featured items.
  • Cite – If Byword is a quote, use this option to cite your quote.

3 Columns

  • Column Title Size – If using long titles in the columns font size can be decreased.
  • Column Post or Page – The post or page to link column to.
  • Override Title – Customize the column’s title instead of using the post/page title.
  • Subtitle – Subtitle for column.
  • Override Excerpt – Use a custom excerpt instead of auto-generating one.
  • Link Text – Text that links to the post or page for each column.
  • Above options repeat for each column.


  • Which Slider? – Choose jqFancyTransitions or CP Slider
  • Hide Slider Nav – Don’t generate a nav for the slider.


  • Effect – Choose between 3 pre-made effects.
  • Position – Customize further with 4 different positions.
  • Direction – Customize further with 6 different directions.
  • Delay – Customize delay between slides.
  • Strip Delay – Customize delay between each strip.
  • Title Speed – Customize the speed in which the title and excerpt fade in.

CP Slider

  • Effect – Choose between 4 effects.
  • Easing – Choose linear or swing easing.
  • Delay – Customize delay between slides.
  • Speed – Speed of animation.
  • Pause on Rollover – Pause the slider when visitor moves their cursor over it.
  • Pause on Nav – Pause the slider when a visitor clicks a nav item.


Complete Package Theme supports unlimited unique sidebars. Add new sidebars here, and select which to use when creating a post or page.


Post Thumbnails

  • Auto Insert Thumbnail (on blog listing) – Choose size from Full, Small, or None.
  • Auto Insert Thumbnail (on single post) – Choose size from Full, Small, or None.

Blog Page

  • Hide Portfolio Items – Hide portfolio category from blog listing.
  • Read More Text – Set text for the “Read More” button.


  • Disable Breadcrumbs – Disable breadcrumbs for blog posts.
  • Hide Home Link – Don’t show a link to “Home” in your breadcrumbs.
  • Leading Text – Leading text for breadcrumbs (e.g., “You Are Here:”)

Related Posts

  • Disable Related Posts – Don’t show related posts on single posts.
  • Number to Show – Number of related posts to show.


Page Thumbnails

  • Auto Insert Thumbnail – Choose size from Full, Small, or None.
  • Thumbnail Location – Set the thumbnail to appear before or after your page title.


  • Disable Breadcrumbs – Disable breadcrumbs for pages.
  • Hide Home Link – Don’t show a link to “Home” in your breadcrumbs.
  • Leading Text – Leading text for breadcrumbs (e.g., “You Are Here:”)


  • Enable Subnav – Enable subnavigation at the top of each sidebar. Only appears for pages with child pages.
  • Subnav Title – Title for subnavigation. If blank, defaults to current page title.


Portfolio Page

  • Show Page Title – By default, portfolio template does not show a page title.
  • Auto Insert Thumbnail – Choose size from Full, Small, or None.
  • Button Text – Text to display on featured project button.
  • Portfolio Item Link Text – Link text to display under portfolio thumbnails.

Single Portfolio Page

  • Hide Comments – Hide comments on individual portfolio posts.
  • Use Blog Template – Use standard blog template instead of portfolio version.

Contact Form

  • Contact Form Setup – Build a custom form using shortcode tags.
  • Subject – Subject of contact form email.
  • Recipient – Address to deliver contact form submissions.
  • From Address – From email (e.g., contact@yourdomain.com)
  • From Name – From name (e.g., Contact Form)
  • Anti-Spam – Blocks submitters from inserting more than 1 URL into their message.
  • Send as HTML – Delivers contact submission as an HTML email.

Connect With Us

  • Insert in Twitter Tools – Inserts social icons into twitter tools widget.
  • Insert in Header – Insert social icons into site header.

Connect Links

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Contact Page
  • RSS Subscribe Link

Newsletter Opt-In

  • Export CSV File – Exports all subscribers to a CSV file.
  • Reset Database – Erases all subscribers from database


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